CQO and the Triple Aim: Supply Chain’s Strategic Connection

The Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) Movement within healthcare is the recognition that cost, while important, is only one of many components that need to be considered by supply chain professionals. Quality of patient care, patient experience, and financial and reimbursement outcomes are also vital components that support value-for-service models.

The Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) of the American Hospital Association convened a diverse group of healthcare leaders from across the nation at its 3rd annual CQO Summit to discuss the supply chain’s most important challenges and opportunities. The CQO Summit presentations and roundtable and panel discussions were recapped in the white paper, which is available on the AHRMM website. The following is a brief summary of the white paper.

    • Data transparency and reliability are imperatives to healthcare success.
    • The measurement and the ability to benchmark progress, which is also dependent on data.
    • Supply chain’s unique position and the opportunity it presents; a core role for supply chain is that of conduit or liaison across the continuum of care.
    • As the delivery system extends its reach to post-acute care and population health, supply chain needs to participate and understand how external resources and capabilities can be leveraged to advantage system integration.
    • To succeed in the role as liaison across the continuum requires inclusiveness and skilled communications. Supply chain must able to engage and align stakeholders across all points of care.
  • Quality must be established as a core mission that drives clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

The white paper may be found at: http://www.ahrmm.org/knowledge-center/resources/white-papers/ahrmm16-cqo-summit-white-paper?utm_source=mh-sponsored-content-posting&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=ahrmm16-cqo-summit-white-paper&utm_content=122016

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